The Pavilions


Beautiful, diverse, untouched – there aren’t many destinations like this left in the world. We searched the globe to bring you a unique, authentic travel experience full of cultural immersion. We found it with our exclusive partner, Genghis Khan Retreat, on the Mongolian Steppe.

Have a taste for adventure and urge to embark on the path less travelled? Our camp with one of the world’s last surviving nomadic cultures is the trip of a lifetime you’ve been waiting for.

Discover the wildness of the Genghis Khan Retreat in the heart of the UNESCO protected Orkhon Valley National Park. Find another side to yourself with all-inclusive activities like horseback riding, kayaking and rock climbing. Adventure awaits at The Pavilions Mongolia.

Operating from June to September 2024.

The Pavilions Mongolia
The Pavilions Mongolia

In a world where beauty, diversity, and untouched landscapes are becoming increasingly rare, we are proud to introduce you to a destination that epitomises all these qualities. Through our exclusive partnership with Genghis Khan Retreat, located on the vast Mongolian Steppe, we offer you an unparalleled travel experience steeped in authenticity and cultural immersion.

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