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for architects

Building at The Ginto Residences is quite easy. Before beginning to design for your client, please request that your client send you an electronic copy of the Statement of Important Matters (further referred to as SIM), this document contains all plot infrastructure information required to begin designing. You may also request information from Kutchan Town Hall upon receiving signed permission form from your client. The Pavilions Niseko (further referred to as TPN) will not release SIM information directly to architects or any other third parties.

Before submitting your designs to the Kutchan Building Department for approval, it is the responsibility of the Owner to gain approval from TPA that their villa complies with The Ginto Design and Build Covenants by submitting the following to [email protected]

To gain approval, do the following:

  • Submission of the concept designs with a minimum of 3 external views;
  • Submission of a minimum of 3 external CGI’s and one landscape design
  • Submission of detailed external spec. list (samples of the material may be requested)

Please ship samples directly to:
The Pavilions Resorts Limited
Room 304, Floor 3, St. Georges Building,
2 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong S.A.R.
T: +852 3702 6588

Suggested time allowance is 4-6 weeks as amendments may be required in order to comply with the design code. Once written approval from TPN is received, owners may proceed to submit plans to the local authorities for a building permit. TPN is not responsible for delays caused by nonconformance.

Please refer to the SIM and the Sales Contract for the covenant legal reference. All Owners are required to complete building within 24 months of breaking ground.

General Ginto Site Information


What should I know before I begin to design for my client?

There are Design & Build Covenants which all Owner’s must adhere to and an approval process in place to ensure consistency of the site design.  Please refer to the information above and contact clients for SIM

Where do I get plot information, such as plot boundary line/dimensions, water pope and sewage location, rainwater drainage location and underground power line location

All can information can all be found in the Statement of Important Matters (SIM) The power information can be found separately above.  To get a copy of the SIM, please ask your client – TPN will not hand over this information.  If your client cannot find this document then they can grant you permission to take the latest information from Kutchan Town Council (permission form at Kutchan Town Council Office).

How long does the approval process take?

Depending on your submission and the quality of materials used, The Pavilions Niseko typically turns around designs within ten business days; however, we ask architects to allow for four to six weeks.

What is this green area on my clients’ plot?

The Ginto site consists of 20 hectares of forest land; thus 60% must remain green zone (non-buildable area). The Pavilions Niseko designated green zones on residential plots to ensure privacy and view corridors throughout the site. These zones are restricted areas, where you cannot legally build, and there are no exceptions to this rule.

When will power be available? And whose responsibility is it to connect?

Underground infrastructure will be completed by 01 October 2020 and it is the responsibility of the Owner to connect to all utilities.

What utilities are available onsite?

Underground electricity & internet, sewage and water. There are no telephone lines as we anticipate most Owner’s using fibre-optic communication. This is the type of telecommunication system that TPN will use.

Where can I find Ginto site plans which show site drainage, to pull the power line to the villas, snow clearing & plans for neighbouring houses (so I understand the height, maximizing view, etc.)?

All site information can be found (and downloaded) above. However, we will not release information about other villas to architects or the general public

What if I start building before the underground power is in?

The Pavilions Niseko will be providing generators and the client will be billed based on standard electricity charges. To arrange this please contact [email protected]

Two trees are in the way of the house design, can I remove them?

You can remove the trees in line with any Kutchan council and The Ginto Design and Build Covenants as long as they are not in the green belt area in the plans provided for the plot.

Can I build multiple units on my plot

No, these plots are zoned for single-family homes only.