Indulge in Hand-Crafted Mixology - The Pavilions Phuket Indulge in Hand-Crafted Mixology



Each month, our talented mixology team hand-craft impressive cocktails to savour and make the most of your day or night at Firefly, The Plantation Club, and 360° Bar.

Currently Crafting

360° Bar
  • Gimlet - Bombay Sapphire, shaken with lime and basil.
  • Cosmopolitan - Absolute Vodka, shaken with orange curacao, cranberry, lime and strained into a martini glass.
Firefly Pool and Restaurant
  • Wiki-Wiki Express - Bacardi Carta Oro, shaken with orange, almond, passion fruit, mango, lime and chocolate.
  • Bitter Summer - Beefeater Gin and Campari, shaken with grapefruit, lemon, passion fruit, and fresh mint.
The Plantation Club
  • Tom Yum - Absolute Vodka, shaken with fresh galangal, ginger, chilli, lime, and kaffir lime
  • Tom Kah - Featuring Phuket's Chalong Bay Rum, shaken with fresh galangal, lemongrass, lime, coconut, and kaffir lime