Sustainable Luxe in Nepal

Sustainable Luxe in Nepal

Fiona Chan
16 Jun 2017

Sustainable Luxe in Nepal

Nepal has long been known as a destination of mountainous beauty, hospitable people, and a spiritual pilgrimage. Luckily the devastating earthquake in April 2015 did not deter travellers for long. Over the past 12 months, tourism has steadily returned heralding a new wave of travellers that are smart, affluent and eco-conscious. Welcome to the new era of travel – sustainable luxe.

Launched in November 2015, the Pavilions Himalayas is the first hotel in Nepal to be 100% eco-friendly. This has been a labour of love starting from the first river rock to be laid, up until the hotel opening six months after the earthquake.

Without compromising on luxury, nearly all the materials used to build the Pavilions Himalayas (15 villas, pool, restaurant, even a helipad) were from Nepal. We generate our own solar energy, harvest rainwater, grow a range of vegetables, and employ from the local community. Our goal is to provide 70% of net profits to our main charitable organisations: Right4Children and The Pavilions Foundation. This is the example we lead.

2017 has shown a promising future for sustainable tourism. We have seen a rise in occupancy, as well as overwhelming positive feedback and support. However, there is more to do. To properly shake up the industry, we need awareness and action - economically, socially and environmentally. 

We need you. 

This is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (as declared by the United Nations). Let’s spread the word. Join the celebration. Travel. Enjoy. Respect.

From all of us in Nepal, namaste!

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