Our Mission Our Mission



From the moment we decided to open The Pavilions Himalayas, we had the mission that it would be an example to our team, our guests and the local community. While it would be a unique luxurious back-to-nature experience, it had to be sustainable and without detriment to the surrounding area.

With nature as our closest neighbour, our solutions include solar energy, harvesting rainwater, creating biogas for use on site and making biodegradable signature toiletries from natural Nepalese ingredients. With the aim to avoid imported produce, we farm organically, to supply the kitchens.

"The local community should benefit too."

Our goal is that 50 percent of families in our village can enjoy direct, sustainable employment within the resort, while the other 50 percent of farmers can learn an additional skill and develop their own businesses that can provide us with the quantities of produce we need.

We also make donations to the community school and health post as well as managing our own charitable work under Right4Children and The Pavilions Foundation. We have various other give-back goals for the future.

Our ultimate objective is that The Pavilions Himalayas is a social business where we provide a large majority of our net profits to our various social activities which the co owner's Douglas and Insuba have been engaged in collectively for the past twenty years.