Waiter/Waitress Waiter/Waitress




  • To ensure that each guest is greeted and served promptly in accordance to the Hotel policies.
  • To provide courteous service to guests according to established service standards and procedures.


  • To be always clean and properly dressed while on duty.
  • To be courteous, warm, smiling while dealing with guest. Be efficient, fast and sure.
  • To deliver all items as requisitioned from the store to his/her outlet and correct quantity and sound state when instructed by his/her immediate superior.
  • To re-clean all glasses, cutlery, crockery and other items needed before putting them into use and responsible for the breakage and loss of such items.
  • To lay up tables, side stations, buffets and displays; following the instructions of his/her supervisor and according to the Management ruling. To clean all table tops before laying up plate mat (if yes), to clean all seating furniture if needed or when an emergency arises.
  • To carry out food and beverage hygienic regulations.
  • To make sure that all drinks and food dishes are according to restaurant menu and list specifications, properly presented, be of hot/cold/iced temperatures, as per local conclusion, before being served.
  • To be responsible for all guest bills and obtain the signature of the guest on bills presented accompanied with full name written in block letters and room number (if yes) of cash payment.
  • To stive to increase sales and push the sales of restaurant stagnant items.
  • To listen to guest complaints. Rectify wrong doings and demands. Inform his/her supervisors of the situation if serious or unable to deal with and report to the Management.
  • To perform all duties, assigned to, efficiently, technically correct, follow the Management policy, house rules and regulations, orders of superiors, adhere to procedures of the training manual and achieving a high standard leading to total guest satisfaction.

Applicants are requested to submit their CVs and covering letters to [email protected]

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