Manager/Director Food & Beverage





JOB TITLE               :          Director/Manager of Food & Beverage

DIVISION                :          Food & Beverage

DEPARTMENT       :           Food & Beverage

REPORTS TO          :          Resident Manager



Reviews food and beverage menus submitted by the Executive Chef and F&B Service Manager to determine that sufficient items are ordered weekly. Eliminates or adds items to list, utilizing experience and knowledge of facility operations. Inspects food service facilities with support of engineering to ensure all equipment is maintain in working order within safety and sanitation regulations. Analyzes information concerning facility operation, such as daily food sales, guest projections, and labor costs to prepare budget and to maintain cost control of resort food and beverage operations, using and following standard business procedures. Inspects and tastes prepared foods to maintain quality standards and sanitation regulations.


Ten or more years of progressive food and beverage managerial experience in a leading resort or hotel, and have experience in a luxury lifestyle brand with international exposure. Prior experience as a Food & Beverage Director is preferred. Experience in the luxury market is essential. Any equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities is acceptable.

Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree required in Business Administration preferred.

Special Skills:  Leadership: Visible, proactive, personally involved leader with excellent organizational skills, capable of providing focused leadership and continuing to establish the resort’s prominent position within the market. A well-developed capability for strategic decision-making and a track record of proven results in the areas of customer satisfaction, operational excellence, host satisfaction, revenue and profit.

Operations: Excellent sense of product and service quality, a passion for excellence and an understanding of the sophisticated needs of the luxury customer. Creative and innovative operations leadership, capable of delivering products and services that will differentiate the resort’s food and beverage offering in the region’s luxury resort market Financial Acumen: Business savvy leader with demonstrated financial acumen, capable of providing strong P&L results oriented financial leadership.

Team member relations: The Director of Food and Beverage must be a responsive, engaged and interactive leader, capable of building strong positive relationships with the hosts, which results in a shared vision of success for the resorts. Demonstrated ability to leverage shared resources and to manage through influence.

Community Relations: Must exhibit business savvy leadership adaptability and willingness to operate successfully in a wide array of high profile business and social community activities.

Languages: English with ability to communicate clearly and knowledgably as well as abilities in other languages would be beneficial.



Director of Food and Beverage directs and organizes the activities of the Food & Beverage department in maintaining high standards of the operation in quality, service and merchandising to maximize profits.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Establish plans of character, integrity and quality which result in the long-range continued growth and profitability for the department.
  • Coordinate the selection, purchasing, storage, inventory, maintenance and usage of all related food and beverage supplies and equipment.
  • Work closely with local, state and governmental organizations in maintaining highest standards of health, sanitation and cleanliness in food and beverage area.
  • Develop new and analyzes existing procedures and special promotions that will improve owner and guest patronage.
  • Approve the employment and termination of employees and is responsible for coordinating on the job training programs through department managers on a regular basis.
  • Coordinate the development, interpretation and implementation of policies, operating procedures and training programs, manuals, directives, menus, work schedules, rules and regulations for the food and beverage staff and personnel.
  • Handle all owner and guest complaints in the food and beverage area.
  • Responsible for obtaining maximum results in the utilization and appearance of the food and beverage areas, quality levels, performance and standards of service.
  • Develop new techniques of service towards maximum guest satisfaction at minimum operating costs.
  • Develop and maintain effective communications between all operating departments.
  • Performs other duties as assigned from General Manager/Director of Operations.
  • Develops and maintains safety at work program to ensure a safe and secure working environment.
  • Contributes to the morale and team spirit of the resort by maintaining effective working relationships with resort colleagues.
  • To be responsible for manager on duty assignment.
  • Is fully conversant with all health and safety, fire and emergency procedures.
  • Maintains a high standard of personal hygiene, dress, uniform, and body language.
  • Is polite and professional in any situation where the image or reputation of the resort is represented.
  • Attend meetings and training as required by the General Manager.
  • Ensures that all activities are carried out honestly, ethically, and within the parameters of the local law.

Substitution and Duties

Within the frame work of Director of Food & Beverage duties, he may be asked to carry out special task, not mentioned in this Job Description and defined whenever applicable by the General Manager or Director of Operations of the Hotel.


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