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18 years ago, Gordon Oldham, a philanthropist and entrepreneur with a passion for hospitality and adventure began a boutique hotel in Bali and named it The Pavilions.

Today, this endeavour has grown into a pioneering boutique hospitality group with a portfolio of unique and diverse hotels, resorts and camps. From the beaches of Indonesia to the lively city of Madrid to a pop-up experience on the vast Mongolian grasslands, each award-winning destination entwines itself with the culture, people and location in which it resides, offering management services to unique experience led properties that are dynamic, professional and focussed on providing results 

As owner and operator of all our hotels and residences, we intimately understand the hospitality business and continue to grow the successful brand of The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts with our current and future partners.


We believe that finding good partners is the key to success in anything. Our philosophy is that we want to build an ecosystem – to look after those whom we employ, to empower the communities in which we operate and to build relationships with our guest that see them return again and again. With this in mind, we look for those that want to become a partner in helping us build an even greater Pavilions brand, not just owners or properties. We believe that entering into a Hotel Management Agreement is a partnership between our people as well as our companies.

The commitment we show our partners:

  • You want your asset to grow in value.  
    As owners, we understand this and have the tools, knowledge and experience to help you.

  • You want a robust and reliable management team.
    We have an experienced international team and leaders that are seasoned professionals.

  • You want a strong and unique brand for your hotel.  
    We know that strong brands build customer loyalty. At its core, we’ve built Pavilions Hotels & Resorts to be a trusted and unique boutique hotel brand.



To learn more about The Pavilions Hotels and Resorts, please contact:

Scot Toon 
Managing Director Asia 
E: [email protected] 

Emilia Lopez
Property Sales Director
E: [email protected]